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When considering security for our computer and all the information we have contained within it, most of us think of encrypted documents and password access as being secure. In many cases this is true but given time and motivation a hacker can gain access to the most secure system. In short encryption only provides privacy. Even the most complex methods of government encryption have been exposed.

Passwords on the other hand are even more subject to being "found out" because there are only a limited number of characters (usually eight) which reduces the efforts required for discovery. In general, no password is totally secure. The best you can do is to make it difficult and non-trivial to determine your password.

Still, passwords are an essential component to our every day online experience. We use them to check our online mail, bank accounts, to purchase items and more. Many folks use the same easy to remember (and guess) password everywhere. This mistake has led to some devastating problems for some. Unless you arm yourself with the right passwords you may as well have none at all.

The chart below provides some helpful hints which will help you protect your security. First use strong passwords. The two most popular passwords used are the numbers "1234567" and the word "password" itself.
A cyber crook will most likely start there because it is so easy. Password strength is a measure of the effectiveness of a password in resisting guessing and force attacks. The ideal password will be at least eight characters long and be a combination of letters, punctuation and numbers. It is important to note that inserting a number from 0-9 before, after or within a word gives 20 more variations to the password. Using 00-99 before or after the word, gives 200 variations, punctuation provides additional variations. Blank spaces do not help and are often not acceptable. Still, words found in a dictionary are the easiest to crack.

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