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March 2014


Connectivity is important to your business

A Speed Test will provide the most accurate reading when your computer or laptop is plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable. You can use your wireless but measurements will vary to some degree depending on other users on your network. Be sure to disconnect from any VPN connections that you may be using (ex. VPN used to access your work files remotely). These will detract from the overall speed significantly. Remember the speed of the service you have will vary based on network or Internet utilization, your laptop or computer hardware, your browser, your use of Video or On Demand services and the wiring inside your location.

There are two ways to determine your network speeds. Yes there are two speeds one for download and one for upload. You are probably most interested in the download speed

First Use Your Computer

Go to the control panel on your computer by clicking the start button and selecting "Control Panel". Click to open your network and Internet center. Most operating systems list this as "network".
Click "network status" to go into your specific network's page. Select the network for which you want to check the speed and click "check status".
Identify your current connection rate by looking under the "speed" heading or details. Most personal Internet connection speeds range between 512KBs per second and 54MBs per second.

Second Use the Internet

Go to an online Internet speed testing website, such as, or Cnet . Click the "begin" button to start the test. The test will first identify your location and service provider. It may ask you to select a location near you to test from. You may also be asked to begin the test. Your first result is usually your download speed.
This is the most important test because it is what you experience when you request a web page or a video to watch. Slow downloads can cause audio failure and jerky video presentations. Check your download speed. When the test is finished, you will see your current download speed displayed on the screen. This is the speed at which you can download files onto your computer from another location.
Check your upload speed next. When the test is complete, your current upload speed will be displayed on the screen. This is the speed at which you can upload files from your computer to another location.

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