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----March 2015----


Email can be one of the most powerful and effective tools you can use in your marketing tool bag. That's because email is the preferred mode of communication for today's buyer. Researchers point out that 77% of buyers prefer to receive marketing communications via email.

Many marketers find email marketing to be challenging. Buyers are inundated with emails, so emails need to be truly engaging. Deliverability issues associated with ever-changing spam filters and inbox restrictions require vigilance. Furthermore, making the most of email marketing also requires knowledge of metrics and technology.

If you are able to manage these issues, email becomes a tool that will generate a lot of leads at a low cost, and managing buyer relationships to maximize lifetime customer value. Here are some tips you can use.

Always request that the reader white list your email name. A White-list is a list of email addresses that you want to receive email from. Adding an address to your White-list ensures that email from that address will not be filtered as spam.

Use a professional third party tool to send your email. These tools allow you to comply with all the CANSPAM Act. They also keeps you out of trouble with the internet service provider(ISP). If your ISP gets complaints of spam for your ip address, they might just shut you down to protect themselves.

The third party tools are built to support lists with millions of subscribers. They are serious about email marketing, and are ready to help companies of all sizes. Some are free and others are fee based so your budget can be scaled to what your needs are at startup and you can expand as needed.

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