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October 2014


Personal on line branding is big in the mainstream. More and more these day's people are goggling a person's name before they do business with them. What will they find when they search your name? If you haven't started your personal branding on line it may be time to start. It will come in handy when you are trying to make a sale, find a job or form a business partnership. Begin with a content rich LinkedIn profile for yourself. Consider acquiring a domain name with YOUR NAME ( and then start a blog. Start writing articles and submit them to online publishers or a trade publication. Remember always, you have an online brand whether you like it or not. The key is do you control the content.


Usually the term branding is associated with a company but in reality almost every individual has a personal brand today. Often we do not consciously cultivated a brand, they just grow out of our digital footprint. So the question is no longer if you have a brand, it is: Do you control your brand?

So, how do you start building your personal brand into something that you want it to be? First, start thinking of yourself as a brand and define what you want people to associate with that brand. It may be that you want to be a subject matter expert (SME) in some area or Perhaps a personal trainer. Whatever it is a strong personal brand can yield tremendous return on your investment. We see this played out in Hollywood every day.

Next find out what your internet profile is. Google yourself, others usually do before profilethey work with you. It helps to have your business name as your name, but if not have a personal website. It is a good way to rank for your name on the search engines. The site can be simple, 2 or three pages, with links to your personal social platforms. It should contain a short personal bio and act as a resume.

Find a brand you can associate yourself with, such as your college, colleagues or the company you work for. Contribute to company or association newsletters, make postings on social media that have a purpose and share relevant posts with other social groups. Every thing you do on line contributes to your personal brand so make it count.

Make your brand ever present. Think on how Martha Stewart or Mark Cuban present their story and how strong and consistent it is. If you have multiple passions, the story strength will be even more critical for your branding. Getting a coach can also help.

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