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Why Your Website Might NotBe Successful

----September 2015----


Do you realize, in the time you've taken to read this sentence, four new websites have been created? With over a billion websites in the world, standing out in the crowd is difficult . Competitors and businesses are increasingly challenged to leave a unique mark in the rapidly evolving Internet landscape. Moreover, in the rush it is easy to lose sight of the basics that make a good website. Your website should tell a story and communicate information seamlessly to the end-user, otherwise it runs the risk of turning visitors off completely.

Below are some basic tips companies should utilize in order to prevent their websites from becoming uninteresting and outdated.

1. User Friendly: A website is usually the first impression of your company and a confusing website will push readers away just as quickly as they landed on it. Users need to be able to find what they are looking for with easy-to-navigate pages and readily accessible information that promotes further exploration. A clean layout with clear headers and information displayed in a user-friendly way encourages repeat visitors to frequent the site and get the information they want.

2. Crowded Words: A foliage of words staring at a reader is a good way to get them to leave a website. Readers crave information but don't over communicate. It is easy to upload copious amounts of text and images on a website to make sure all of the bases are covered but in many you just overwhelm the user. Provide key information that customers are looking for and relay it in a way that's easy for them to digest. Use downloads for more in-depth information. Write in short sentences and in bullets when possible. By presenting focused information in a logical way readers can address their questions sufficiently.

3. Website Name: Choosing a website name is sometimes one of the toughest parts of the branding process. Finding an available URL that aligns with the company's image and can be easily optimized for search rankings is an essential factor to consider. At one time you needed the ".com" domain extension but times are changing. You can now get ".online" and others like ".business" and more giving you a from a growing pool of extensions. A notable name creates a unique opportunity to align a company, individual or new product website to better reach the target audience. Still, search for the ".com" first.

4. A Call-to-Action (CTA): Your work doesn't end once a customer gets to the site and sees a visually-appealing layout with easy-to-use tabs. There has to be a call-to-action (CTA) that encourages customers to go for more. You can do this with down-loads or by linking to other areas that might interest the reader. Make it easy make a purchase either directly on the website or being able to search for products. You can ask customers to contact a representative to learn more or have a virtual assistant available online for questions. Smaller CTAs such as encouraging customers to follow the business on social media or sign up for email newsletters keeps both potential and existing customers up to date on the latest news. Making the site interactive and determining what the end result and call to action needs to be for the company's business model is crucial.

5. Be Mobile Ready: Mobile growth has surged and over 90% of readers are accessing websites directly from their smart phones and tablets. Therefore it's critical that websites are mobile ready so customers can easily view the content without doing the two finger boogie. People want answers quickly, so information needs to be easily readable regardless of what device they're viewing the website on. It's also important to ensure the website loads quickly on any device so sticking to simple HTML instead of flash is crucial.

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Websites are essential to a company's success and take a great deal of time and dedication to build and maintain. It's important that resources are dedicated to ensuring that this platform is constantly up to date and working correctly. Companies that use these tips when creating their websites will be pleased with the uptick in visitor traffic to their page and overall outcome of having a rich Web presence.

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