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Our goal is to make website technology and integrated marketing a positive asset for the small business at an affordable price. For the most part Web Development has been an expensive problem, which it should not be. Therefore, I help small businesses attract and maintain their customers at an afordable price.

American small businesses have spent trillions of dollars to establish a web presence for their company. Even more has been spent on failed 'in house' or 'DIY' development.

For us, this is perhaps the most compelling argument for outsourcing your website rather than doing it yourself. Professional heart surgeons do heart surgery, professional web developers do websites. Can you do your own website? The short answer is yes. But should you? Today your web space is the heart of your business. Your web site is your business card; it is the billboard on the internet highway. It should be professionally developed and optimized for maximum return on your investment.

We help small businesses attract and keep their customers through the sygnergies of
G P S Marketing®

After more than 20 years of developing production sites for some of the biggest names in our country, the downturn in the economy eliminated my position. Rather than remarket my skills in the corporate world, I decided to use my developmental and marketing skills to assist small businesses to attract new customers through GPS Marketing®.




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On the other hand, an argument can be made for the do it yourself person who wants to tinker with the mechanics of web development and marketing for his or her business. We support that as well with our business partners.

If you're looking for ways to create more visibility, generate more leads and make more money, M F Chase Marketing has solutions that will produce maximum results for your business. Contact us for details or a FREE consultation.

Watch for our blog that delivers monthly information on your marketing efforts or visit our Facebook Page at M F Chase Marketing. You should be able to glean enough good ideas to make your do it yourself website fairly successful.


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