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Why Optimize?

Part of the growth strategy of every business should be to enhance the search status for their website. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the primary key in this process.
An effective strategy in this complex task will mean more traffic to your site, while some of it can be done by the business itself, an SEO consultant might be a cost saver in the long run. To do it yourself requires considerable effort and perhaps a new thought process on how you approach content on your site. Contact us today for a free, no obligation, review of your site.

Where to start

The first step is measurement and the last step is measure again! Why? Poor performance directly impacts loyalty, brand and sales. Nearly 50% of web users will abandon poorly performing sites. Traffic measurements give you information on what is and is not working. The in-between steps are different for every site. We can help you define those steps. Call our message line 503 808-0021 today!

You will never know if your efforts are working unless you have a benchmark to start from. Look at least the metrics for: visitors, conversions, page rank, referral resources, entry page and more to get a snapshot of what is happening in these areas and record them.Test results from activities you have initiated to see what, if any, improvement has occurred. Take special interest in the referrer log to see where visitors are coming from and what search terms are being used to find your business. These are key words so keep a log.


The importance of a keyword or a keyword phrase is found in relevancy. Placed in a site judiciously to provide information for the user, they will be very effective in providing relevance for your visitor. Your own customers are your best resource when it comes to discovering keyword opportunities, and this is data you already own. The referrer log can be your best advisor.
Appropriate keywords need to be placed in your titles, content and image names as well as in some of the meta tags that introduce your site to search engines. Contact us to help you define the keywords you may want to use.

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